It's time to listen to your heart

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Finally, we can systematically screen every patient for cardiovascular risk, using biomedical signal analysis.

The heart carries within it the signs of trouble: by detecting these signs in advance, thanks to new technologies, we can avoid a large number of deaths.

A problem...

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33% of deaths worldwide are due to cardiovascular disease

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80% of cardiovascular diseases are reversible when detected early

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The annual cost of cardiovascular disease in France is €15 billion

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27% of people who die of cardiovascular disease do not have the standard risk factors

Our solutions


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Our CardioSensys software enables healthcare professionals to obtain an ultra-precise biomedical signal analysis of their patient’s state of health.

A simple oximetry test enables our algorithm to determine the patient’s cardiac, respiratory and stress status within 2 minutes.

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MyHooxy is your new connected wellness companion! 

Our smart, consumer oximetry solution lets you monitor your heart and respiratory status, as well as your stress levels.

Visit the MyHooxy website to find out more!

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