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The pharmaceutical industry is dedicated to the research and development of essential medicines. Today, it is seeking to meet its growing needs by further integrating biomedical signal analysis, artificial intelligence and data collection, in order to accelerate the discovery of innovative treatments, personalize medical care and optimize clinical trials for more effective therapies tailored to individual needs.

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Application of our services

Laboratoire pharmaceutique - Recherche et développement

Revolutionize pharmaceutical research and development with our expertise in biomedical data collection, processing and analysis. Bring a new dimension to your clinical studies and to understanding the effects of your products.

Aromes et parfums - recherche et développement

Create unique sensory experiences by integrating our expertise in biomedical data collection, processing and analysis. Offer flavors designed using objective scientific data and studies.

Parapharmacie - Recherche et développement

Enhance your parapharmaceutical products with our biomedical data collection, processing and analysis capabilities. Offer your customers personalized, informed solutions to improve their well-being.

EPHAD - Recherche et développement

Transform your wellness and health services within your facilities (EPHAD, medical or wellness centers) using our skills in biomedical data collection, processing and analysis. Offer more targeted and effective programs to improve the health and well-being of your users.

Our added value

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Personalized R&D support


Class I and soon Class IIa medical-certified algorithms


Cross-platform algorithms for every application

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Unrivalled speed and efficiency

Certified medical algorithms

Séparateur blanc côté

In November 2022, thanks to our many efforts, we were able to obtain ISO:13485 certification. In fact, our team’s quality management was approved by the TUV organization, which awarded us certification. 

What’s more, according to regulatory standards, our CardioSensys solution and our LibCardio medical algorithm library have self-certified Class 1 medical device status.

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