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Next-generation medical devices must incorporate advanced, AI-powered algorithms, offering enhanced care for patients, particularly in the field of telemedicine. Thanks to new technological advances, healthcare professionals can make remote diagnoses, monitor patients in real time and provide personalized care, without the need to travel. These innovations open up new prospects for the future of medicine, making care more accessible and more effective.

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Dispositifs médicaux : Oxymètre

Improve the accuracy of your oximeters with our biomedical signal analysis solutions and integrate our advanced technologies for reliable, accurate results.

Dispositifs médicaux : Electrocardiogramme

Optimize cardiac monitoring with our intelligent features. Our algorithms extract advanced information from the signals of your heart condition monitoring devices.

Dispositifs médicaux : Glucomètre

Transform your blood glucose meters with our complete solutions. Take advantage of our precise blood glucose measurement algorithms and connected features for better management.

Dispositifs médicaux : Tensiomètre

Make your blood pressure monitors more accurate and user-friendly with our advanced algorithms. Optimized blood pressure measurement and new features for greater versatility.

Our added value

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Personalized support throughout your project


Class I and soon Class IIa medical-certified algorithms


Cross-platform algorithms for every application

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Unrivalled speed and efficiency

Certified medical algorithms

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In November 2022, thanks to our many efforts, we were able to obtain ISO:13485 certification. In fact, our team’s quality management was approved by the TUV organization, which awarded us certification.

What’s more, according to regulatory standards, our CardioSensys solution and our LibCardio medical algorithm library have self-certified Class 1 medical device status.

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